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Azure VM Best Practices

Last year Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper launched the Azure Advent Calendar and I got to support with a session on Azure Bastion. This year they improved on the idea with the Festive Tech Calendar. I’m happy to be back with an article on Azure VM best practices. I hope you find the article helpful and I would appreciate feedback.

Over the past few months, I have conducted many customer workshops, designed and implemented Landing Zones, and migrated or placed VMs into Azure. One of the most common customer questions has been about best practices for Azure VMs to maximize performance and efficiency, minimize costs, increase security, and reduce management overhead. This article is based on my real-world experience and recommendations based on several Azure projects.

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My favorite Azure Announcements from the Microsoft Ignite 2020

The Microsoft Ignite 2020 has moved to a free, virtual conference with a lots of online sessions about the Microsoft Product world like Azure, Microsoft 365 and more. As every year Microsoft announced new services and new features for existing services. In this blog post I will report about my highlights of the last 48 hours of Microsoft Ignite.

First of all, I’m a little sad because this was to be my first Microsoft Ignite I was able to attend in person. However, I’m glad that Microsoft offers this conference as a virtual version and gives us the opportunity to participate for free and get in contact with the product owners.

Satya Nadella opened the MS Ignite with his Keynote about Challenging Times, Producivity and Modern Work and how Microsoft services can help in every section with different services.

My focus area is Azure, you know it ­čÖé And there were a lot of new announcements before and during the Ignite.

This article will be updated after the MS Ignite ends.

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Move Azure VMs between Azure Global Regions

In the last couple of days I get a lot of question how to move Azure VMs between regions. So I decided to write a blog post about this question. First of all it is really important to understand which topics this article covers and which not.

To understand the article right, keep the follow settings in mind:

  • This article will cover how to move Azure VMs between global regions with ASR
  • Global regions mean all the standard available regions
  • This article doesn┬┤t cover the movement between Azure Global and Azure Germany, Azure Governance or China
  • For moving Azure VMs from Azure Germany to Azure Global there there is planned to write an additional article
  • For a general movement of Azure resources (SQL databases, Web Apps and more) a futher post will follow

This article focuses on how to move Azure VMs between Azure global regions using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). Another article will focus on how to move other Azure resources between regions.


To move Azure VMs between different global regions with ASR there are some requirements needed:

  • Azure subscriptions are allowed to create Azure VMs in the target regions
  • User rights to create the Azure ressources (Azure VMs, VNETs, NICs, etc.)
  • Install latest updates on Windows/Linux OS
  • Check that the VM has Internet access without Proxy or Firewall between VM and Internet
  • When there is a firewall or proxy in place, check the needed requirements
  • Configure the VNET and Subnet in the target destination before move the VM to a different region

The process to move Azure VMs between different Global regions is straight forward. But don┬┤t forget, all related management tasks to the VM, like Backup, Log analytics Workspace, Start Stop Runbooks will be lost after the migration.

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SQL Backup on SQL Saturday – Sessioninhalte

Soeben ist meine Session SQL Backup on Azure auf dem SQL Saturday Rheinland zu Ende gegangen. Es war mir eine besondere Freude an der Hochschule sprechen zu d├╝rfen.

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Backup SQL Server Datenbanken in Azure IaaS VMs #AzureBackup

Eines der h├Ąufigsten Azure VMs die ich bei Kunden antreffe ist die Installation eines oder mehrere SQL Instanzen innerhalb der VMs. Um die Datenbanken zu sichern waren bisher immer Umwege ├╝ber MABS, DPM oder 3rd Party Backup Programme notwendig. Dabei ist bereits seit der Ignite 2017 das Azure Backup Feature “Backup SQL Server in Azure VM” in Private Preview und soeben in Public Preview gegangen und in allen Tenants verf├╝gbar. Mit diesem Feature besteht die M├Âglichkeit SQL Datenbanken die innerhalb von Azure VMs auf installierten SQL Instanzen vorhanden sind, automatisiert direkt in den Keyvault zu sichern. Und das ganze ohne extra Tools oder Backupagents.

In diesem Beitrag werde ich die notwendigen Voraussetzungen, die Einrichtung und die Kosten vorstellen.

Bitte beachten der Service befindet sich derzeit noch in der Preview Phase.

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Neues zu Azure File Sync – Regionen, Backup, FAQ und mehr

Azure File Sync steht seit der Ignite als Public Preview zur Verf├╝gung. Bereits ende Oktober habe ich einen Artikel  ├ťberblick und Konfiguration erstellt.

Seitdem hat sich einiges getan, daher werde ich in diesem Artikel auf die Neuigkeiten eingehen.

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Wichtige Neuigkeiten zu Azure Backup

AzureBackup – support larger disk sizes

Vor zwei Tagen sind einige, wichige Neuigkeiten f├╝r AzureBackup angek├╝ndigt worden, die ich hier nochmal kurz zusammenfassen m├Âchte. Auch f├╝r mich als kleinen Reminder, da das Thema immer wieder bei Kunden interessant ist. ­čśë

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Microsoft Azure Backup v2 verf├╝gbar

Wer bisher Erfahrungen mit Azure Backup gesammelt hat, kannte auch die bisherige Einschr├Ąnkung, kein Support f├╝r Windows Server 2016 weder als Host noch als Backup-Quelle. Diese Einschr├Ąnkung gilt nicht mehr.

Microsoft hat gestern Azure Backup Server v2 frei gegeben. Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) in v1 basierte auf DPM 2012 R2 und damit auf WS2012R2 und ist mit dem Modern Backup von Windows Server 2016 inkompatibel.

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Azure Infrastructure Backup und Site Recovery News

Nachdem Microsoft gestern Azure Backup v2 ver├Âffentlicht hat, wurden noch zahlreiche weitere Features bekannt gegeben. In diesem Blog Beitrag m├Âchte ich kurz auf einige davon eingehen.

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